Introduction to Busan Medical Tourism

Paradise and hub city of Medical Tourism, Busan!
Based on trust and accountability, Busan is now providing quality medical services
with reasonable cost.

Optimum spot for
medical tourism!
Quality medical services!

Abundant medical infrastructure

The treatment procedure is not picky and its standby time is no longer than 2 weeks. We are now providing interpretation services for 8 languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian. Customers are giving good responses for the service.

Medical assistance

In total, more than 4400 medical business partners exist including 5 university hospitals, 22 general hospitals, 8 hospitals of oriental medicine, 1097 dental hospitals & clinics, 2088 clinics, and 998 oriental medicine clinics. Every year, 2200 specialized medical staff members and 360 medical support staff members are coming out from 5 universities of medicine.

A variety of festival events

Clients can visit any of Sunset Festival, Sunrise Festival, Polar Bear Swimming Competition, Gijang Anchovy Festival, Gwanganli Eobang Festival, International Motor Show, International Performing Arts Festival, Sea Festival, Rock Festival, International Children’s Film Festival, International Travel Fair, International Film Festival, Jagalchi Festival, and International Firework Festival.

Experiencing new cultures

There are many scenic views, traditional relics, and art sights alive so you can enjoy healing tours anytime in Busan!

  • Historical experience and cultural empathy

    Beomeosa temple stay, horse racing experience, ceramic craft experience, tea ceremony experience

  • Hot spring tour

    Dongnae Hot Spring, Haewoondae Hot Spring, Taejongdae Hot Spring

  • Leisure sports experience

    Bicycle racing, horse racing, scuba diving, windsurfing, yachting, sea kayaking, paragliding

  • Eco-experience

    Eco centers in the migratory bird habitat in the downstream of Nakdong River and Nakdong River estuary

Representative Korea international city

Since opening as an international port in 1876, Busan became a representative Korea international city because it is gateways to the continent, the ocean, and the sky.

  • Flights (domestic)

    Seoul, Incheon, Jeju, Yangyang

  • Flights (international)

    229 flights a week for 29 cities in 9 countries such as Japan, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Philippines, and Guam

  • Ferries

    Shimonoseki, Fukuoka, Osaka,
    Taiwan (regular)

  • Transportation

    Korea Train Express (KTX), express buses, and intercity buses for main areas nationwide