Business Area

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is now classified as a national growth engine. This is also a core business in CMS Korea so we at the company are establishing local branches in China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan, Vietnam, etc. to foster information provision and effective patient attraction concerning the Busan medical tour.

Export of Medical Equipment and Medicines

In recent 5 years, medical equipment in Korea has been growing rapidly even compared with medical equipment in Germany and United States. Accordingly, CMS Korea is intended to spread excellence of Korean medical equipment and devices for cultivating overseas markets. In addition, Korean pharmaceutical products are also well recognized in the reliability and stability especially in Russia and Central Asian countries. Based on this potential, CMS Korea plans to boost the power of Korean bio-technology by cultivating overseas markets.

Physician Training Programs

The confidence in the Korea’s medical technology is relatively high in Russia and Central Asian countries. Accordingly, we can make enough profit by attracting foreign patients as well as by transferring the medical technology in Korea. CMS Korea will arrange a variety of physician training programs as a marketing strategy with an aid of cooperation between Korea’s hospitals and their local hospitals.

Medical Consulting Services

While briefings and health care services are in progress under the leadership of local governments and councils, we are now conducting agency business through the Far East Russia network and relevant organizations. We will make efforts for the promotion and practical achievements of Korea’s medical tourism.

Medical Tourism Agency Business for Local Governments (Seoul and Busan)

Hospitals and medical centers in Korea lack information about overseas medical markets. As a result, CMS Korea will contribute to the overseas expansion and development of medical centers in Korea through accurate information update.